Drink Money Make Coffee

The Drink Coffee Make Money Customer Centric Option

I am the founder and creator of MarketHive, an inbound marketing platform social network for the small business and aspiring entrepreneurs. I have been on the Internet since 1988 and involved in Network Marketing since 1992.
I am an active…


This Important Step Is Often Overlooked

This Important Step Is Often Overlooked
Several years ago I was introduced to a personality assessment that I now feel is a must take for everyone. It's called the Kolbe A Index. I was attending a financial services seminar in New Hampshire and the Kolbe test was required to attend. At the…

Entrepreneurial Social Networks

Top 5 Social Networks Entrepreneur Strategy
There are hundreds of social networks out there. You can’t be everywhere and we all need to focus our efforts and time on the most effective social networking sites. Here are the social networks I would recommend most for entrepreneurs.

Distributor Acquisition Paradigm Event

Distributor Acquisition Paradigm Event

I have talked in great depth about customer acquisition and how that will eventually become the primary core of a mega success MLM someday likely sooner than later. Like Amazon revolutionized department store shopping and delivery to the Internet, MLM will…

WordPress meets Markethive

WordPress meets Markethive

At one point the decision or revelation became the foundation of the Markethive blogging system. Markethive would make WordPress better.
Let me explain. At one time we considered creating a blog software solution, (Blog Press) with templates that would compete with…